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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food - Necessity or Enemy?

Of course at the holidays, we all are faced with lots and lots of food. Every time you turn around, there's some type of party or gathering or celebration all involving lots of FOOD! At what point did food become such a necessity for social gatherings?

I guess this can be answered from delving into our history as humans on the planet; going back to the hunters and gatherers and enjoying a big feast with your fellow cavemen/cavewomen. But that's boring...well it is at least to me.

Seeing that I don't think any of us are solely able to change how social gatherings evolve, maybe a better question is how in the hell do you cope with all of the food without making a pig of yourself and totally screwing up all of the pounds you have lost?

For me, I guess I have to look at food as my enemy at these types of events. I need to see food as the "popular" girl in school that could -- and would -- take away your boyfriend at any minute. You have to acknowledge it's presence and you have to understand how it can take advantage of any and all of your vulnerabilities.

So no more hiding behind the buffet line; no more staying close to the hors d'oeuveres; no more wallowing in the sweets. If I'm going to survive these events, I'm going to have to survive on my own and am going to have to make sure all vulnerabilities are very well hidden....just not behind food any more. Not sure if I'm ready to be this "out in the open".......


  1. So glad to have found your blog! I am looking forward reading. Great job on your weight loss!


  2. Hi Tina,

    I just discovered your blog through "Banded For Life's" blog. I too am a newbie. I was banded on Nov 19th, so this is all new to me too.

    You are doing fantastic on your weight loss! 42 lbs in 3 months is nothing to shake a stick at!! LOL.

    I see you aren't following many blogs yet. I am following about 100 myself, & all are great. But I would like to suggest a few that really stand out to me.

    The first woman started out about 10 lbs heavier than you did (328 lbs) & has lost at least a 100 lbs in about 9 months! She is fantastic & hilarious. Her name is Amy W & her blog address is:

    The second one is from Western Australia & she is fantastic & very supportive. Her name is Cara (The Dash) & her blog address is:

    Next I would like to recommend Gen's blog, she is one of the sweetest women out there. She lives in Colorado. Her blog address is:

    And last but certainly not least, I would highly recommend reading Roo's blog. She is very sweet as well. She is originally from Australia but is currently working in Dubai. Her blog is always interesting, as you find out what it is like to live in a Middle Eastern Country. Her blog address is:

    But like I said, there are sooo many great blogs out there! I would recommend reading them from the first entry forward to get there real story. But that can be a lot of reading.

    Anyway, sorry this went on so long. Congrats on the decision to lose weight, fantastic job so far in your weight loss. I will be following your blog!! By the way, my blog address in case you are interested, is:

    Happy Holidays

  3. Hey oh yeah, you could follow my blog as well! Just a tad bit of 411, I'm a 24 yr old woman, single mom, w/ 2 boys, works FT as apharmacy tech, and goes to college FT to be a teacher. Starting weight was 278 and I'm currently down to 236. Got banded on 6-19-09, six months ago! woo hoo! Best decision this chica ever made! Oh and I share a ton of personal, explorative, gross info and always give my open opinion when trying new things. I also post a ton of pictures b/c I'm a picture whore! hehe!

    Soo w/ this holiday eating junk, food has always been RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my entire families life, whether holiday event or not. We're from Arkansas (it's considered the south) and damn it we like to eat. My biggest plan for success at these gatherings is the fact that my entire family knows about band and they are all very supportive of me searching out the thinner Lizzy in there somewhere. So they ask me what I'd like to eat and stuff. I don't have them make anything special. I eat what everyone else has just about 2 tablespoons of each item, don't drink w/ my meal, (wait 30 mins later) and save a tiny sliver of dessert for a few hrs later so I don't over do it.

    So that is why I love my band! It gives us the ability to still have all those fattening, unhealthy family tradition foods but VERY, VERY small amounts of it! Hope this helps!

  4. Hi there, Tina...
    So lovely to see you following my blog - can't say you have checked in at a good time though - many a family drama going on. That said: it's back to business as usual and I would love to offer my support in whatever way you might need it.

    I read your entries so far and just wanted to say that you have made a great personal decision in getting your band. Look where it has taken you so far. 42 pounds in three months is an awesome achievement!!

    I look forward to further entries,
    (and thanks to Deb for recommending me.. she's a sweetheart.)
    Cara :) x

  5. Hey Tina, welcome to the band blog club.. Look forward to your posts

  6. Hi Tina! Thanks for following my blog! How sweet of Debi to direct you there!

    I think I am at the point now where food is neither friend nor foe - its just there. What a relief. This is what I have wanted for years! Food has always been such a big deal in my family too.

    You are doing great already! Look forward to reading your blog.